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AHA Distributing was founded by Chris Gilray in 2009. Chris received his degree from the University of South Carolina in Business Marketing. He has spent time as an integrator, AV Retailer, AV Manufacturer, Manufacturer’s Rep and Distributor. Over the years, Chris has personally recruited the cream of the crop to join AHA with the philosophy of hiring people as good or better than him, and empower them to be the best they can be.

Here are four of many reasons to make AHA your first choice:

Brands That Matter

Our team focuses on bringing you the products that make a difference and are the best in class within their category.

Outstanding Service

The motto behind AHA Distributing is Superior Customer Service and Strong Relationships. We thrive on the relationship and ensuring your life on the job is easier. Continuous training and support as well as a very knowledgeable team to assist you with your choices is a necessity this day and age.

Shop With Ease

Barring special orders, AHA Distributing gets you your products within two days all across the southeast. You can also browse a wide selection of merchandise on our new, sleek, intuitive website, optimized for mobile, tablet, and PC.

Exclusive Savings

We offer very competitive wholesale prices! Plus, we provide free shipping, select rebates and promotions monthly to assist you with your bottom line.

Meet the Team


Chris Gilray

Chris Gilray started AHA Distribution in his garage in 2009 with big dreams of being a full service distributor for the entire southeast.  His philosophy of always providing superior customer service and establishing strong relationships as well as personally recruiting his entire team with the mindset of surrounding yourself with people as good as you or better has helped AHA evolve to where they are today.  He has worked in the industry for thirty two years ranging from retail, manufacturer, representative, distributor and custom integrator.

Robin Roy
Director of Sales

Robin has been in the industry since 2006, starting as the bookkeeper for dB South, a wholesale electronic distributor.  She quickly developed a love for the customers and products.  Which lead her down a path of sales.  Her journey began at AHA in 2016 and took a detour over to their sister company, Phoenix Marketing group where she stayed for 3 years before returning to AHA.  When asked why she returned to AHA, she said that it is because she loves the day to day involvement with customers, assisting with finding the parts needed for their projects, helping them get what they need to grow their business.

Alan Markle
Inside Sales

Do you know where you were in 1988?  Alan does, and he's still right there. Coming up thorough the ranks, 80's Al has truly done it all: he got his start as a installer and programmer for a number of local firms, then went on to conquer the distribution market with Custom Solutions, AVAD and Audio America. A wealth of knowledge on both the technical and installation side, if Max Headroom had a son it would be Alan.
Tommy Curry
Warehouse Manager


Starting with HiFi Buys in 1995 in a seasonal warehouse position, Tommy worked through the ranks up to IHI Branch Manager.  When they closed after 13 years, he moved to AVAD and again worked up through the ranks to Warehouse Manager.  When the Atlanta branch was closed, they kept him on as the East Coast Operations Manager.  Traveling didn’t agree with him so he left AVAD and joined the team at AHA.  In his spare time, he is a comic book geek and enjoys the calming tunes of Avenged Sevenfold.

Susan Clancy
Accounting Manager

Susan Clancy started in this industry in 2003 simply by accident and continued for 6 years until the economy had other plans. A call in 2013 started her journey with AHA Distributing.  Now after celebrating 5 years with AHA; she is now the Accounting Manager along with many other roles on the operating side of the business. She continues to grow with AHA and loves working with all of her fellow team mates (AHA family)…

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