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When added to a series of full-range IG series speakers the NEAR® IGS12 subwoofer adds the last half-octave of bass foundation that makes music really come alive. The IGS12 delivers unparalleled low-frequency performance via groundbreaking design. The IGS12 remains musical at any playback level and is capable of withstanding almost any abuse.  

Why In-Ground?

The NEAR® IGS subwoofers look and sound great when used as freestanding on-ground speakers that can be camouflaged among planters and pots. But we primarily designed them to be partially buried in the ground, affording homeowners superior sound performance, lower visibility and ultimate security. 

The packed earth around the speaker dampens enclosure wall resonances to zero, allowing all of the woofer energy to go into moving air rather than the cabinet. In-ground installation also reinforces bass response by providing an infinite baffle to focus the sound waves. The IGS12's bass impact is visceral, precise and detailed. 

Exceptional Durability

Like other NEAR® speakers, the IGS12 is truly weather-proof, not just “weather-resistant” and can be used totally exposed to the elements. The IGS12 enclosure is color-through, Linear Low-Density Polyethylene that sheds moisture, dirt and chemicals. The UV inhibitor pigments are embedded uniformly throughout the material so the sun won’t fade or yellow the color and garden tools won’t mar their looks. 

Superior Technology, Superior Sound

The IGS12 utilizes an MDT metal alloy diaphragm woofer with dual voice coil UDIO technology along with the Magnetic Liquid Suspension (MLS) technology patented by New England Audio Resource in 1993. These are the same materials and technologies employed throughout the IG Series to ensure timbre consistency and system design flexibility. 

Key Features:

  • Speaker complement: 12” Metal Alloy Diaphragm UDIO Woofer, MLS Voice Coil Guidance, UV and Chemical Resistant Rubber Surround; 
  • Frequency Response  –  34Hz to 100Hz, +/-3.0dB with NEAR 6XL amplifier in Low-Pass Mode
  • Sensitivity (1W/1M) – 91dB
  • Dispersion – 360 Degrees
  • Power Requirements (@8 ohms) - up to 300 Watts (Ave); 1200 Watts Peak
  • Power Requirements (@70V)  128W, 64W, 32W, 16W, 8W
  • Dimensions – 23.75” Diameter at Base x 24.00” High; 60.33cm x 60.96cm
  • Product Weight – 45 lb. / 20.4kg
  • Maximum SPL @1M (1/2 space) –  116dB
  • Input Terminations – 8-Cond. Cable
  • Environmental – Designed to Meet or Exceed Mil-Std-810 (Humidity, Salt Air, Heat, Cold); IEC IP57

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